Gambling in South Carolina

Gambling Laws in South Carolina

There are three forms of gamble in South Carolina today – bingo, raffles and state lottery. Gambling laws in South Carolina are very strict and almost every casino game is forbidden. There are no locations with casinos in South Carolina within state lines. But recently, the state allowed some businesses to launch legal casino cruises from South Carolina’s locations, near some bigger cities and they are very restricted in terms of what casino games they can offer and how much wager they can accept. The lottery and bingo games are popular legal way of gambling if it’s charitable. These games are extremely limited in terms of prize money. But casino boats many years have been the subject of litigation and the counties tried to ban these boats. That didn’t work because the boats said that they will go to international waters locations and allow casinos in these locations. After a long time of court decisions, finally in 2008 agreement was reached – the boats were allowed to operate in return for a $7 per passenger levy to the counties. Online poker is supposed to be covered by the law, but this is only an assumption. Tribal groups continue to press, but haven’t succeeded yet and the boats continue to offer the best options for the fans of casinos in South Carolina.

Popular Casino Cruises

Although, the gambling in South Carolina is prohibited, there is a loophole that allows casino cruises to go into international waters in locations three miles of shore and legally offer casino games. There are people that want to enjoy casino gaming in safe and secure environment, such as casinos in South Carolina and their interesting locations. There are four casinos providing 775 slot games and gaming machines, and 56 table games – blackjack games, poker games, and roulette games.
The biggest casino cruise is the Big M Casino cruise ship which is sailing out of Charleston with two huge cruise ships. The ships provide more decks of slot machines, gaming tables, bars and restaurants with live music to ensure the entertainment of the guests. The other Big M casino ship is a yacht with a 400 guest’s capacity. There are both day and night cruises and an option for a non-smoking or smoking cruise ship. The entry fee is $30 and $48 including buffet. Games on board include Let it Ride, Craps, Texas Hold’Em Poker and 3 card poker.
There are also other ships that offer more options for gamblers with other locations and longer cruises that last few days – Carnival Cruise ships. These ships go to locations like the Bahamas on a cruise round trips for five days and provide many options for the players. You can always go to New Jersey where online gaming is legal to experience the online casinos. The laws about casinos in South Carolina may or may not change soon, until than cruising casinos are no ordinary option.

Online Gambling

The state of South Carolina has no direct laws against online casinos and it’s a grey area. For all those who want to gamble in a more private way, there are options like online USA casinos, that are also legal and offer a lot of casino bonuses with high chances of winning some real money. There are four legal online casinos in locations of the states:

  1. BetWay
  2. Bet365
  3. Intertops
  4. Xbet

These legal casinos provide you to get some big welcome casino bonuses and also a no deposit bonuses. They offer sport bettings, poker games, slot games, etc. But most importantly these online providers of legal playing are before all recommended, licensed, safe and secure.

Besides these four phenomenal gambling sites, players can try out some of the best casinos online in 2023 and experience the thrill of winning real-money. Players will most definitely face fast payments, rewarding promotions, exciting gaming options and so much more. From newbies to VIP members, players will get the creme de la creme gambling treatment like nowhere else! But right before jumping into action, new players need to register at some of the top-tiered gambling sites from our list. That process is easy as pie, and our team has broken it down into these simple steps:

  1. Land on the casino’s site – As soon as you choose the operator that suits your taste, land on its site through your desktop, or download the app (if there is a dedicated app).
  2. Begin signing up – On the starting page you need to find the register button. In most cases it is located right at the top.
  3. Enter your basic information – Enter your first and last name, your sex, birth date, location, etc.
  4. You’re almost done! – Check the T&C agreement box and the Privacy and Policy box.
  5. Make your deposit – Proceed to the cashier and enter your desired deposit amount.
  6. Enjoy your game and win big prizes!
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